Settling in and attempting to carve out a routine.

I think reality is slowly sinking in, three weeks into my arrival in Hull; and I must give proper thought about this next chapter of my life. It’s been fun spending the first two weeks catching up with S and his family and friends, as well as seeing the local sights both on car and…More

A tale of three cities – the global pandemic edition.

So I’ve finally made it up north to Hull! What a journey it has been – from my first post-wedding lockdown in the UK in March-June 2020, flying home to Melbourne to start the visa application process and organise all the bits and bobs associated with moving internationally, spending the first part of my sabbatical…More

The care and feeding of an overseas family member.

Oh wow I forgot how nice it is to be back at the parentals and being fed copious amounts, as though I’ve just returned from some faraway, completely foreign lands and have zero access to Southeast Asian food. “But it’s not authentic…” is their common refrain. Ummm I believe Melbourne restaurateurs hailing from various Southeast…More

Re-orientation into the childhood bedroom.

This will probably be my longest stay in Singapore for a while, with no popping into another Southeast Asian country in between family visitations. How things have changed in this pandemic world of ours. And with that, comes a full (re)orientation into my childhood bedroom! I suppose it’s been nearly 3 years since I was…More